Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Finding Better CD Replication Services

CD replication is a complicated and delicate process which must be performed with a good deal of care and attention for the best results. As a result, one should choose the best professionals in the business for ensuring the best output. Under typical circumstances, CD replication is something that is beyond the means of the average computer owner armed with a CD writer. The process requires specialised equipment and some amount of specific expertise in the area.

These are the reasons why professional CD replication and CD duplication services are so much in demand these days. If you want multiple copies of a CD made in a quick time, and packaged and distributed at the same time, enlisting the help of professional CD duplication services is the best option.

Before going further, let’s understand the distinction between CD duplication and replication. Duplicated CD-R’s are laser-written rather than ‘stamped’, and are made using commercial CD copiers. It is an economical option for quantities of up to 1,000 units or projects that require a fast turnaround.

CD replication, on the other hand, is geared towards high-volume orders, producing anything from 1,000 to 1,000,000 CD-ROMs. In this process, the data is transferred to a glass master, which is then used to create a metal stamp that presses the data onto the blank CDs. Many agencies offering such replication services also provide extensive CD authoring services, label printing, cover designing and packaging services. So when you choose a reputed service provider, you can rest assured about finding all the services you want under one roof.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The 3-Minute Guide to CD Duplication Services

CD replication and CD duplication services are often heard of in today’s world. In UK, CD replication services are as much in demand as anywhere else in the world. However, there is a distinct advantage in choosing CD replication (UK based) services over similar services available in other regions. UK is home to a large number of DVD and CD duplication companies many of whom are at par with the best service providers in the world today. If you are looking for a whole range of services in optical media duplication, along with high quality and low cost, UK is a very good destination.

CD duplication is a rather advanced process that is heavily dependent on the use of highly sophisticated technology and powerful equipment. Fortunately, you’d find a good number of suitably equipped companies in the UK today. Besides basic duplication services, they also offer a host of other allied services such as CD authoring and mastering, labelling and stamping, designing the cover art, packaging, and even distributing it to the intended recipients.

Some of the best known names in this business today carry more than two decades of industry experience. They employ processes that are highly refined to provide the best quality output in the shortest possible time and that too, without any compromise. This is made largely possible by streamlining the in-house production process and by reducing the dependence on third parties. As a result, clients get better quality products at a lesser cost and in a shorter time.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Get Your Audio & Video Tape Transferred To Digital Format

There are some of the finest professionals in the industry that can satisfy your requirements in the duplication/replication of DVDs and CDs besides the high quality transfer of tape to digital format known as audio & video mastering. The audio & video mastering field includes the services of both audio and video tape to digital format. The video conversion and mastering services provided include from a large variety of formats as old VHS, HI-8, SVHS, Betamax and Digibeta in addition to Mini DV and many others. In order to ensure the highest quality of such transfers, there is a team of specialists that are highly trained and use the latest in both software and video hardware. They can ensure that your project is delivered with precision and speed you expect. Not only is the customer service of a very high order but you also get excellent products at competitive prices.

There could be different reasons for the task of transfer of tape to digital format. It is possible that you wish to safeguard your valuable tapes and memories. If you are in a government body you may wish to preserve the recordings of an important meeting. Whatever be the reason for transfer of audio and video tape to digital format there is no doubt that the decision is the right one since the digital format is easy to store and handle. It also requires less space besides being less vulnerable to the weather. There are professional companies such as A1D in London, UK that have total capabilities to produce a master disc that any CD duplication or replication facility will accept.