Sunday, 29 September 2013

Avail High Quality Replication of CDs and DVDs at Affordable Rates

CD or DVD duplication and replication work is highly technical and professional work. It requires the recording discs to be of the highest standard. It also requires trained and experienced personnel that are capable of operating the latest and most sophisticated equipment needed for carrying out such highly complex tasks in an effective manner.

There are professional service providers such as A1D offering top quality CD and DVD replication in the UK. Professional houses such as A1D not only undertake demanding DVD replication and CD replication work from their clients but also provide other similar services. These services include CD/DVD duplication, besides vinyl pressing and video & audio mastering among others.

If you are also looking for CD and DVD replication in UK, then A1D is the best choice to go with as they provide quality work within time and at very reasonable costs. A1D has a highly professional team totally dedicated to help find the solution that is just right for you. The system based at A1D is ideal for both smaller runs and fast turnaround operations with all products undergoing a rigorous quality control process.

The equipment employed at A1D is well maintained and regularly calibrated just so that your discs are of the highest standard. It is indeed due to the high standard of its products that A1D is the most trusted firm for DVD and CD replication in the UK. Some of its esteemed clients include Disney and British Gas, National Geographic and Reuters besides Giorgio Armani.

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Convert your Audio & Video Tapes to Digital Format in Quick Time

Most of us have a wealth of audio and video tapes in different formats and we never wish to throw them away because of the sentimental value these electronic media devices carry. However, this is all a losing battle. Audio and video tapes have had their days. It is now time to move on. The problem is to find the right professionals who can convert tape to DVD. 

Fortunately, there are some excellent professionals at A1 Duplication in the UK that provide these services including the proper conversion of video tape to digital format. These services are well sought after since there are government entities that have archives of meetings they wish to preserve, besides families that are desirous of preserving their memories on material that will last forever technically. 

When you convert your video tape to digital, it will not only last much longer but it will also be far easier to archive to a hard disc drive or jump drive or any of the other storage devices. A1D has a CD mastering suite using which a master disc will be produced. This master disc in turn will be acceptable to any CD replication or duplication facility. 

A1D has all the resources to master audio CD as well as data CD, the Hybrid Mac/PC CD and the Mix Mode CD, both audio and data. All formats are acceptable such as CD Extra and Video DVD 5, 9 and 10. Master discs can be created from tape formats that include 8mm and Digi-beta as well as VHS-C or any other source that has customizable chapters and menus. A1D can transfer and convert tape to DVD and this includes converting your VHS to DVD as well as Super VHS or Compact VHS and Super VHS Compact. 

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

DVD replication services at the most economical rates

The technology has changed or rather evolved with time. And those who are not willing to change with time are simply going to wither away. The one domain of technology that has seen the best of all the changes taking place in the field of technology is the CD and DVD duplication and replication. It is really important to realize that your requirement of DVD duplication could be any and  compromises are not  to be made when it come to the use of technology for DVD or CD duplication and replication.

There might be many companies in the world that take care to advertise about themselves in a very pompous manner but when it comes to the actual implementation they simply fall short of expectations. At A1D we take care that the best and the latest of technologies are used for DVD replication services or duplication services. We also make sure that the final cost of the product is as low as possible. Our cheap DVD duplication services are well known across the nation. We also have several key schemes for the people and companies that want to get their discs duplicated or replicated in the most economical and rewarding manner. 

It is a matter of pride for us that the clients for whom we have worked even once keep coming back to us for their further work. This speaks volumes about the DVD replication services or the  CD replication services that we render. Much more than that our experience of twenty years in the domain proves our mettle and commitment.