Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Get Cheap Vinyl Pressing from Vinyl Specialists

With several years of experience in vinyl record pressing, A1D becomes the ultimate choice for all of your requirements related to vinyl pressing. Whether you are a record company or an independent artist, you will surely feel the essence of A1D's vinyl record pressing services. The company offers products that are unrivalled in terms of quality, function and presentation. If you have a budget constraint to follow,  even then A1D's cheap vinyl pressing services will impress you to the maximum.

Quality is the Priority
The company adheres to strict quality guidelines while producing the required vinyl products. To cater to the client's requirements of vinyl pressing, A1D has invested in complex and costly tools & equipment including NEUMANN cutting lathe, Prism Sound converter and a customized computer application. You will also get a huge unseen variety of wax colours & packaging options to pick from.

Ability to Meet Deadline

The vinyl pressing experts at A1D facility initially evaluate your audio to determine whether its fit for the pressing process. Any objectionable issues are noted and properly addressed before proceeding further to produce and cut your metalwork. Timely delivery of the assigned vinyl pressing job is assured as the skilled experts at A1D leave no stone unturned to complete the task within the given time frame.

What's More in Store ?

Besides affordable vinyl pressing services, A1D provides a complete solution to your requirements related to tape to digital transfer and CD/DVD duplication and replication. You can just approach them stating your requirements to derive a satisfying solution in quick time.