Sunday, 24 November 2013

Convert your Old Tape to Digital Format with Ease

Many of us have audio and video recordings stored in one of the old formats. There is a need to convert such audio or video tape to digital format as fast as possible since the magnetic tape is susceptible to environment influences such as dust, dirt, bright light and humidity.

In spite of the best handling conditions, it is almost impossible to store one’s valued audio or video tapes for long without fungus disabling the tape for ever. When you convert video or audio tape to digital, there are several advantages you gain. Firstly, your priceless tape gets a new lease of life. Secondly, digitally stored media is not very vulnerable to the environment and hence you can ensure to keep the memories safe for a long time.

More , when you convert tape to digital, you save on space and also gain the advantage of being able to docket your precious tapes. It is easy to retrieve the recording if it is in digital format. Further, if you store all the converted recordings into the hard disc you gain further in terms of life and the amount that you can store in the restricted space. There is yet another advantage when you convert your video or audio tape to digital format and that is in terms of the ability to make as many copies of the digital product as you may like.

Today, there are service providers such as A1D that make the entire task ofconverting video or audio tape to digital very simple. They have highly trained specialists who will make it possible for video conversion from old VHS and 8mm or Hi-8 and Betamax. Similar remastering services are available for creating master discs from tape formats such as Digi-Beta and 8mm as well as Mini DV and VHS-C or any other source.