Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cheap CD Duplication/Replication Services Available in London

Today, quality audio & video work is done in companies in London that have been engaged in this line of business over the last more than two decades. This range of work includes services such as DVD, Bluray and CD replication in London as well as CD/DVD and Bluray duplication services besides vinyl pressing and video & audio mastering among several others. If you want to take the services of a company offering CD/DVD duplication & replication services, then do consider A1D London for the same.

Top Brands are A1D's Customers

Top brands such as TNT and Giorgio Armani besides National Geographic, Reuters, British Gas and Disney are loyal customers of this service provider of CD duplication services in London, UK. There could be one or more of several reasons for this. Firstly, irrespective of whether you wish to use the service of CD duplication or CD replication in London, you will find that this particular service provider based in London has all the necessary resources for that.

Firstly, when you go to the company with your problem, a team of professionals will take charge and find the right solution for you. Secondly, each product, whether it is CD duplication/replication or DVD duplication/replication, passes through a stringent set of quality assurance test programs. The equipment that manufactures the final product is maintained in perfect condition while all due calibration procedures are rigidly complied with. Further, each product is manufactured on grade “A” professional media and the service is provided at cost-effective prices.

Your Chance to Get Cheap Duplication/Replication Services is Here

As service provider for CD duplication services in London, A1D London offers some of the cheapest duplication/replication in UK. It also offers an outstanding set of options in designs, memory sizes and printing choices. All products are delivered on time along with excellent customer service. Irrespective of the size of your order and volume of work, you will find that the company delivers the best results. All finished products are always delivered well in time, are of the highest quality and are totally reliable.

Excellent Packaging Options Will Amaze You

A1D London's standard of CD replication in London UK has been brought to the present level through two decades of honing and refining the process to provide high quality DVD/.CD duplication/replication services without any compromise. This has been possible by continuously streamlining the production process in-house and pruning third party contracts wherever possible. Finally, this London-based company offers the largest selection of packaging options to cater to your requirements. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Excellent CD & DVD Replication Services Available in London

Today, there are excellent providers of CD/Bluray/DVD replication services in London such as at A1D London. A1D is a professional company that has been in this business for more than two decades. During this period, the company has continuously streamlined its processes to provide improved services to its clients.

A1D London is therefore well known for providing not only excellent Bluray/DVD/CD replication/duplication services in London but also other allied services that include vinyl pressing and video and audio mastering besides several others. There are several reasons why A1D London is one of the finest providers of DVD & CD replication services in London. Firstly, all the equipment used in this professional company is very well maintained besides being calibrated.

A1D London has a highly competent team that analyses the different aspects of your problem before deciding on what will be the most suited solution to the problem. It doesn't matter to this team as to what your background or the volume of your order is. Every customer’s project is dealt with the same degree of sincerity. Each product is manufactured on grade “A” professional media and made to pass very stringent quality control process.

It is for these reasons that the customers for this prominent service provider of CD replication services in London include Giorgio Armani and National Geographic besides Reuters and Disney among many others. Finally, A1D London offers a large set of packaging options. One can therefore make a selection from among these options or pick a custom designed professional packaging solution to suit one’s specific requirement.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

For Professional Quality DVD Replication Work in London

Modern technology has brought some fine benefits in the world of audio and video recording. There are highly professional recording companies such as A1D that offers excellent services in this field. The field includes CD/DVD replication services besides duplication services as well as the services of vinyl pressing and video & audio mastering among many others.

A1D is a well known provider of services related to audio/video recording at the professional level. Its CD/DVD replication services are sought after and its customers include corporate giants such as Giorgio Armani and Reuters besides TNT, National Geographic and Disney and many others. There are several reasons for the popularity of this excellent company.

A1D is a premier service provider of DVD replication based in London, in the UK. Its products are of a very high quality on account of the high order of maintenance of its equipment besides its periodic calibration. It has a professional team that offers the perfect solution to the customer’s problems. All products are recorded on professional Grade “A” media and all products undergo a stringent quality control process before they are handed over to the customer. These are the reasons for the excellence that is the hallmark of all products from A1D.

The services in DVD replication from the London-based company are invariably cheap. This is because A1D has been in this field for the last over two decades. During this period the company has been streamlining its process into one that is economically sound from the points of view of both time and money. This has meant that unnecessary third party contracts have also been reduced wherever possible. Finally, A1D has excellent packaging options that will make your product look most attractive.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Avail Excellent Quality DVD Replication Services at Nominal Rates

When you are looking for DVD replication services, ensure to hire only the best one. A1D located in London, UK, is one of the finest companies engaged in CD and DVD replication in UK. Some of their offered services include CD, Bluray and DVD duplication work, besides vinyl pressing and video & audio mastering and several others. When you approach A1D with your project related to any of these areas, a professional team is assigned. This team will dedicate its best efforts for your duplication/replication/mastering project.

A1D is well known for its DVD duplication/DVD replication services in the UK. Its customers include many top brands with global recognition. Some of these are British Gas, NCR, TNT and Giorgio Armani. A1D has excellently maintained duplication/replication equipment that is calibrated periodically. This is the main reason for the fact that all discs produced by A1D are of the highest quality. There are other reasons too. All products manufactured by A1D are on grade “A” professional media while their technical staff is highly trained and experienced.

A1D’s high standard of DVD replication services in London is irrespective of the size of your requirement. It also does not matter whether you are a software developer or a filmmaker. Ultimately, what you will be impressed with is the high quality of work, timely delivery of products, excellent packaging standards and the low costs. The standard of A1D’s DVD replication services is high and very streamlined with a drastic reduction in the award of third party contracts over two decades that the company has been in existence. This has led to saving money & time besides cutting costs dramatically.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Perfect Production of DVD Replication and CD Duplication

If you are looking for all services concerning duplication and replication besides audio & video mastering under one roof you will find them at A1D in London, UK. At A1D one will find perfect resource for quality CD and DVD replication services as well as services in DVD and CD duplication in the UK. Besides these A1D also offers excellent services in Bluray Replication & Duplication besides vinyl pressing and video & audio mastering among many others.

A1D is well known for its high quality services and its professional team that is focussed at finding the perfect solution for your problem related to duplication and replication services. It offers fast turnaround and smaller runs while all its products undergo rigid quality control process. Its audio recording equipment is periodically calibrated and maintained perfectly. This ensures that all its products are of the highest standards. A1D’s clients include giants such as National Geographic and British Gas besides Disney and Giorgio Armani. Therefore when the company takes up your project for CD duplication in UK you can rest assured that it is in perfect hands.

For DVD replication services a minimum order of 500 units is the most cost effective option for major runs since as the order quantity increases the rate price drops. The discs are fully manufactured using a glass master, pressed and printed in one go in large quantities. The replicated discs are all of industry standard as stipulated within the EU. All the products of A1D are on grade “A” professional media. This ensures that all the customers are provided the highest standards that are available in the market. 

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Get Cheap CD Replication from Professional Experts

For professionals that need cheap CD replication services, there are some of the finest companies engaged in duplication and replication work. Companies such as A1Duplication provide quality CD replication in UK. The services provided to the CD industry by A1D include CD duplication, CD replication as well as DVD replication and duplication, besides audio and video mastering among others.

A1 has more than two decades of experience in the field of CD & DVD duplication, replication and mastering. During these two decades, A1D has worked with companies that include Sky and Chevron besides Lufthansa and Easyjet. This fact goes a long way in asserting the top quality offered by the company in its services.

Cheap CD replication is the most cost effective option for major runs when the order size is a minimum of 500 units. As one increases the order size, the unit cost drops thereby making a case for large orders. All the discs are manufactured from a glass master, pressed and printed at once in large quantities. All the replicated discs meet the industry standards stipulated within the EU.

Today, cheap CD replication is geared towards high-volume orders where the production is between 1000 and 1,000,000 CD-ROMs. All data is transferred to a glass master that is used for creating a metal stamp. This metal stamp thereafter presses the data into plastic injection moulds before a reflective layer of aluminium is coated on the back surface thereby allowing the CD player’s laser to read it. The final operation consists of printing on the disc face using selected colours.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Convert your Priceless Audio Tape to Digital

There are professionals in duplication and replication at A1D, London that offer not only quality CD, DVD and Bluray duplication services but other similar services as well. These services include vinyl pressing and video & audio mastering. They also provide audio tape to digital conversion services.

Irrespective of whether you are in the government wanting to make your archival tapes more permanent or just another normal person that wishes to put one’s memories associated with family members on digital format, there are several occasions when one would like to transfer tape to digital form. A1D can also transfer your audio tape to digital format from your standard audio cassettes to the very latest digital media formats at affordable prices.

It is unfortunate but also true that audio cassettes and CDs do not last very long. When you transfer tape to digital, your records not only last longer but it also becomes very easy to archive to a hard disc drive or jump drive and CD/DVD or various other digital storage devices. A1D has a CD mastering suite with which the company can handle a very wide range of data for its clients thereby producing a master disc that will be accepted by any facility for replication or duplication.

A1D has total capabilities for the creation of master discs from tape formats that include 8mm and digi-beta besides VHS-C or just about any other source with customisable chapters and menus. Its services of transferring tape to digital can handle high volume audio archiving projects so that your valuable audio library of voice or music recordings are archived safely.