Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Convert your Priceless Audio Tape to Digital

There are professionals in duplication and replication at A1D, London that offer not only quality CD, DVD and Bluray duplication services but other similar services as well. These services include vinyl pressing and video & audio mastering. They also provide audio tape to digital conversion services.

Irrespective of whether you are in the government wanting to make your archival tapes more permanent or just another normal person that wishes to put one’s memories associated with family members on digital format, there are several occasions when one would like to transfer tape to digital form. A1D can also transfer your audio tape to digital format from your standard audio cassettes to the very latest digital media formats at affordable prices.

It is unfortunate but also true that audio cassettes and CDs do not last very long. When you transfer tape to digital, your records not only last longer but it also becomes very easy to archive to a hard disc drive or jump drive and CD/DVD or various other digital storage devices. A1D has a CD mastering suite with which the company can handle a very wide range of data for its clients thereby producing a master disc that will be accepted by any facility for replication or duplication.

A1D has total capabilities for the creation of master discs from tape formats that include 8mm and digi-beta besides VHS-C or just about any other source with customisable chapters and menus. Its services of transferring tape to digital can handle high volume audio archiving projects so that your valuable audio library of voice or music recordings are archived safely.

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