Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Hire a Professional Service Provider for DVD Replication

When it comes to CD or DVD replication, many people are confused whether to do it on their own or opt for any professional service provider. A number of firms offering CD duplication or DVD replication in UK are available. Well, we say that the choice entirely depends upon your own preferences and requirements. For making things easier for you, we will discuss some important points that will help you in taking the right decision.

Figure Out your Requirements First

It is true that CDs and DVDs can be duplicated at home. This is especially true for people who possess slightly advanced knowledge of information technology and software. They avoid opting for DVD or CD duplication services, thinking that it will be a waste of time & money. Of course, you can duplicate CDs on your own, but provided you require only few CDs to be duplicated. Most people think that duplicating media hardly takes any time. However, the truth is that duplicating or replicating CDs take considerable time.

So, it is crucial that you are prepared accordingly. While duplicating CDs or DVDs on your own is always possible, it is better to opt for professional services in certain cases. For example, if you have a huge requirement for CD or DVD duplicating, going for professional and renowned services can be a good idea. Also, it is better to opt for professional services, if your CD contains very important data. It will be a safer strategy, as compared to doing it on your own. Also ensure that the firm offering DVD replication or CD duplication in UK is a renowned one to avail reliable services.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Professional Conversion of Tape to DVD

There are several logical reasons for wanting to convert tape to DVD. Over a period of time both audio and video tape tends to degrade. The result of age is that audio or video tape gets jammed and scratched besides being attacked by fungus. Therefore, people may need to preserve their sentimental audio or video tape while government bodies may have the requirement of preserving recorded matter for history or posterity.

When you transfer audio or video tape to DVD you are sorting out a number of problems. At one stroke one gets rid of the environmental issue almost totally. Digitisation has other advantages. One is able to store much more data when the product is DVD than when it is tape. But, the major reasons for wanting to convert tape to DVD besides durability are two. Firstly, one can docket the data easily when the product is digitally acquired. One can also retrieve the stored data easily. Further, if one is interested in duplication or replication, the task is simpler when the data is in the form of a DVD. Also, keeping the data in a hard disc actually is the best method by which one can retain one’s data for posterity.

There are companies such as A1D that can professionally transfer tape to DVD from even the standard audio cassette to the latest digital media formats at very affordable prices. A1D has the expertise of mastering audio CD, data CD, hybrid DVD 5, 9 and 10. The company can also create master discs from tape formats such as VHS-C or 8mm or any other source with customizable chapters and menus. The professional equipment can convert your VHS to DVD as well as S-VHS (Super VHS) and SVHS-C (Super VHS-Compact) among others.