Sunday, 13 April 2014

Perfect Production of DVD Replication and CD Duplication

If you are looking for all services concerning duplication and replication besides audio & video mastering under one roof you will find them at A1D in London, UK. At A1D one will find perfect resource for quality CD and DVD replication services as well as services in DVD and CD duplication in the UK. Besides these A1D also offers excellent services in Bluray Replication & Duplication besides vinyl pressing and video & audio mastering among many others.

A1D is well known for its high quality services and its professional team that is focussed at finding the perfect solution for your problem related to duplication and replication services. It offers fast turnaround and smaller runs while all its products undergo rigid quality control process. Its audio recording equipment is periodically calibrated and maintained perfectly. This ensures that all its products are of the highest standards. A1D’s clients include giants such as National Geographic and British Gas besides Disney and Giorgio Armani. Therefore when the company takes up your project for CD duplication in UK you can rest assured that it is in perfect hands.

For DVD replication services a minimum order of 500 units is the most cost effective option for major runs since as the order quantity increases the rate price drops. The discs are fully manufactured using a glass master, pressed and printed in one go in large quantities. The replicated discs are all of industry standard as stipulated within the EU. All the products of A1D are on grade “A” professional media. This ensures that all the customers are provided the highest standards that are available in the market. 

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Get Cheap CD Replication from Professional Experts

For professionals that need cheap CD replication services, there are some of the finest companies engaged in duplication and replication work. Companies such as A1Duplication provide quality CD replication in UK. The services provided to the CD industry by A1D include CD duplication, CD replication as well as DVD replication and duplication, besides audio and video mastering among others.

A1 has more than two decades of experience in the field of CD & DVD duplication, replication and mastering. During these two decades, A1D has worked with companies that include Sky and Chevron besides Lufthansa and Easyjet. This fact goes a long way in asserting the top quality offered by the company in its services.

Cheap CD replication is the most cost effective option for major runs when the order size is a minimum of 500 units. As one increases the order size, the unit cost drops thereby making a case for large orders. All the discs are manufactured from a glass master, pressed and printed at once in large quantities. All the replicated discs meet the industry standards stipulated within the EU.

Today, cheap CD replication is geared towards high-volume orders where the production is between 1000 and 1,000,000 CD-ROMs. All data is transferred to a glass master that is used for creating a metal stamp. This metal stamp thereafter presses the data into plastic injection moulds before a reflective layer of aluminium is coated on the back surface thereby allowing the CD player’s laser to read it. The final operation consists of printing on the disc face using selected colours.